hildums (hildums) wrote,

I promised Duo I would start posting more often, but there isn't too much going on that would interest any of you that might be reading this.

OH, Valentine's Day was Monday. All the guys at the shop bought flowers and stuff for their wives or girlfriends and had me write the messages on the cards. Either they really liked my handwriting or it was because they had gone through a whole box before they realized you couldn't read the message they had written through all the grease that had rubbed off onto the card from their hands.

But they did give me candy for it, which was nice of them.

You know, Duo, you tell me to update. You tell me to update a lot. But have you updated lately? Have you? About anything other than Jake? I know you're only talking about that stupid kitchen as much as you are because you're avoiding other topics of discussion.
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