hildums (hildums) wrote,

Heh, I finally figured out how to use this. I don't know why I'd make one of these entries if no one can see it, but, I just need to get some stuff off my chest, I guess.

I sold the salvage yard to the auto store I was working for. Am working for.. I still go to the salvage yard, I still help with parts and organization, stuff like that. But its not mine anymore. I got an apartment, one bedroom, one bathroom.

Why doesn't Duo just tell him? I still love Duo. I have, even during the war. I know he doesn't feel the same way. I know I should just let it go. But he deserves to be happy, with someone he loves, and its not me. I wish sometimes I could be the one to make him happy, but I know better than that. At least I can try to help him be happy with someone else. I still miss him, though. I really do miss him...
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